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Consent Management Providers



Regarding the post-implementation measures of personal data protection (GDPR), we are introducing the option to deploy on your web a consent collection window for the use of personal data for different purposes (such as ad and content selection and customization by user specifics) – consent window. This solution is based on a Central European consent collection for the processing of personal data - Advertising Consent EU, which we are part of.


Characteristics of the window for collecting approvals:
• the user of your website gets a list of recipients to whom he can give consent to process his data,
• also gets an overview of the processing purposes of their data recipients want to use,
• consent to the processing of personal data shall be written into the user's browser and provided to the recipients selected and authorized by the user,
• the user will be assured that his consent will be used only for the purposes of processing he authorized himself.



Explaining the consent window terminology:


List of recipients – Consent recipients are verified partners for the transparent handling of the provided data, who have committed to use them only in the scope and for the purposes provided by the user.

See an example of the consent window here.

Simple implementation

Thanks to our solution, it is easy to implement a special code on your site and the consent collection window will be displayed to all users of your site. The window is available in 7 languages ​​of Central and Eastern Europe (Slovak, Czech, Hungarian, Croatian, Serbian, Romanian and Bulgarian) and in English.


Price - 500 Eur / year
(up to 1 million uniques, if you need more, please contact us: media@etarget.sk)


What do you get when you set up a box to collect consent?

• You will not lose the revenue from a personalized ad for which such consent is required by users of your site,
• You will be transparent and trustworthy also for other advertising and Internet service providers,
• You will collect your visitors' consents for yourself but also for using external advertising systems, thanks to which you earn from ads on your pages.


The window will only appear once at the bottom of the page to every visitor of your site during the first visit after code implementation and for further site use consent will need to be expressed.

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