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Raise your brand awareness ONLINE  in Central and Eastern Europe!

Etarget was established in 2002 and represents one of the leading PPC and RTB networks in Central Eastern Europe.

Together with our team of experienced consultants, we have established a significant market presence in 7 countries

within the CEE region. For more detailed information about our service portfolio, please visit our local websites.

ETARGET operates in following markets


Leading PPC and RTB network in CEE

Our expanding network entails thousands of premium websites including top media in all of our member market. Leveraging our rich network in all countries, we drive millions of visitors to visit our clients' websites and expose them their ads.

Digital media agency for all your marketing needs

Etarget has a strong presence in 7 markets within CEE region and long years of experience in online advertising. Together with a team of experienced consultants, we will pushyour online marketing forward.


Etarget & GDPR

Etarget is actively engaged in regional and European activities linked to the implementation of GDPR rules into practice. We are registered CPM - Consent Management Provider.


We are also registered vendor, supporting the European initiative to transparently gathering consent to provide targeted advertising.


We've launched our own tool (consent window) for advertisers and publishers to gather GDPR compliant consent from website visitors for personalisation of content and ads. If you are interested in implementation contact us to learn more.

Marcel Vašš
Chief Executive Officer
+421 2 21 02 67 02

Etarget is a leading PPC and RTB network and digital media agency in Central and Eastern Europe.


We are happily helping our clients since 2002. Currently we are present in 7 markets: Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Croatia and Serbia.

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